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One:One with Mehlika



Verbal Facilitation

Spend 30 or 60 minutes with Mehlika to dive into specific areas of your life and business where you are asking for more clarity, potency, effectiveness, and change. A 30 minute laser session with Mehlika can create enormous change and clarity in any area of life; 60 minutes will give you space for a deeper look into a variety of questions. 

Session packages are also available for those that would like to experience the gift of working with Mehlika one on one over a longer period of time.

All verbal sessions are done via Zoom.

To purchase a 30 or 60 min session, or a package of 5 or 10, click the button below.


Energetic Bodywork

Mehlika brings to her bodywork sessions decades of experience working with bodies and exploring the innate ability of our bodies to unwind, heal, change, and facilitate greater creation & aliveness. Mehlika's capacity to listen deeply to bodies creates an empowering space where your body reveals areas of stuckness and change so you can gain access to way more peace, ease, creativity, and possibility in your body and every area of life.

Energetic Bodywork sessions can include:
• Symphony of Possibilities ~ energetic work on and off the body - can also be done virtually
• ESSE Bodywork ~ hands-on work that melts the fascia and the judgments that hold it in place
• Access Consciousness Bars and Body Processes ~ hands on energetic processes that can create enormous change in your body and life.


Access Abusehold

The Access Consciousness Abuse Hold is a deeply nurturing, healing, and dynamic energetic body process that melts abuse out of the body and being, leaving a space of peace and ease with your body, nervous system, and life.

In order for this process to be effective, you must listen to the Pre-Abuse Hold Clearings at least 22 times before your session.


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